Leveraging HARO for Brand Exposure

Some of you may already be familiar with HARO. For those that aren’t, I sincerely hope this article opens your eyes to the possibilities of this platform.

HARO is an acronym that stands for Help A Reporter Out. It’s also a fantastic online platform that helps to match up journalists with credible sources across numerous industries. In other words, it’s like a dating site for journalists and potential sources.

Our agency has been using HARO for several years to help secure media coverage for ourselves and our clients. …

Take Your Website Back to the Future

Website updates can be a huge headache.

Anytime you make major design, code or content changes to your website, you run the risk of an unforeseen bug throwing a monkey wrench into your plans.

On top of that, you need to be wary of the constant Google search engine algorithm updates that can tank your SEO rankings overnight.

When the inevitable happens and you need to diagnose what went wrong, you’ll need the proper tools to come up with a solution. …

One Big SEO Mystery Demystified

The Google Search Engine Ranking Algorithm is one of life’s great mysteries. Or is it?

They’ll never reveal exactly how the algo works but we can make an educated guess as to the most important ranking factors.

Legend has it there are 200+ data points that the Google algo takes into account when they decide who’s going to rank where.

This legend came into being circa 2009. Matt Cutts (the former head of Google’s Webspam Team) let it slip at a digital marketing conference that there were over 200 variables baked into the Google algorithm.

Two hundred different factors? …

Hyperlocal Search Engine Optimization with Wix

Hyperlocal marketing is nothing new. In fact, it’s one of the oldest marketing techniques known to man.

Picture the billboards you pass on the way to work that advertise local restaurants. That’s hyperlocal marketing.

What about the sign on your neighbor’s lawn that the contractor left after finishing up their new roof installation? Again, hyperlocal marketing.

Flyers on your windshield at the train station? Yup, hyperlocal marketing.

Most business owners understand that targeting potential customers or clients locally makes sense. So, how do we translate that to the digital marketing spectrum?

Hyperlocal SEO with Wix is the New Windshield Flyer

Optimizing your website to help reach a local audience…

Is Your Keyword Research Costing You Time & Money?

Proper keyword research is the basis for all digital marketing. Content marketing, pay-per-click ads, social media marketing — they all begin with putting together a seed list of keywords that makes sense.

If you’re not targeting the right keywords in your marketing efforts, you’re not reaching your ideal audience. If you’re trying to rank for overly competitive keywords, you’re spinning your wheels.

You need to strike a balance between uncovering those keywords your audience will use and those keywords that you have a chance of ranking for on page one of Google.

It all begins with research. …

You’re Not Using Hashtags the Right Way

The simple fact is your business needs a strong social media presence. Whether you operate a traditional local brick and mortar business or a nationwide conglomerate, there are no more excuses for a poor social footprint.

Today’s social platforms help you to connect one-on-one with your customers, strengthen your brand awareness and generate leads and sales at scale. There are 3+ billion social media users around the globe who login at least monthly — it’s not a trend anymore, it’s a marketing reality.

Think about it. Every single one of your potential customers has the world at their fingertips —…

Using Answer the Public for Keyword Research

We’ve all heard the catchphrase “Content is King” repeated over and over. It’s become the digital marketing mantra of the moment. It makes sense that if we’re targeting a specific audience, then creating useful and compelling content aimed at answering the needs of that audience is the way to go.

But, how do we know what questions our audience needs answers to? How do we create content that acts as search engine bait?

At MAXPlaces Marketing, one of our go-to content research tools is Answer the Public.

What Is Answer the Public?

Answer the Public is a slick consumer insight platform that combines the suggested…

Google URL Submit Tool Has Been Mothballed

In July of this year, Google decided to shut down their manual URL submission tool leaving many SEO professionals shaking their heads with one less weapon in their arsenal.

It was a favorite hack for website owners looking to get their backlinks indexed quickly. We were able to submit the URL of a webpage containing a high domain authority backlink and have it indexed and showing up in the Google SERP’s within minutes.

Earlier this year Google announced a significant change in how they will rank websites for mobile searches. As of July 2018, Google will now consider the “site speed” or loading time of your mobile site as part of its ranking algorithm.

This aptly titled “Speed Update” will lower the rankings of certain sites under certain conditions within the mobile search results pages.

Google maintains the update will only affect pages that “deliver the slowest experience to users” and will only affect a “small percentage of queries” in total. However, considering that Google processes some 3.5 …

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